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Summer Camp: Jabber-Wacky Summer Camp
Incorporating the four Day camp themes and another full day of fun activities including spontaneous problem solving, building with balsa, car construction, drama techniques and ending with a play created by the kids for the parents viewing.
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Pro D Day Camp: Jabber-Wacky Day Camp
A full day of activities. Four different formats; Drama, Balsa, Cars and Spontaneous. Cost is $25 per child with a minimum of 15 and maximum of 30 kids.


All of our activities are flexible to meet the needs of your school, district, teachers and availability. As well, we have some discretion on costing and can work within your budget. Please send us an email if you are interested.

Awareness Session
From 1-3 hours this free session will introduce the Odyssey of the Mind program to kids, parents and schools. If you are interested in offering the program in your school book a session in the Fall so that you have plenty of time to arrange your teams.

On The Spot – For Kids
A 3 hour workshop teaching a classroom sized group creative problem solving techniques. The program includes brainstorming techniques, verbal, combination and hands-on problems. Cost $200. more »

On The Spot – for Teachers
This workshop is suitable for all age groups including teachers via Pro-D Days and Teacher specific Training days. The format is flexible and can easily be a full day format for more intensive instruction. more »

Coaches' Training Workshop
Many different sessions for both new and experienced coaches. more »

We start with “How to Build a Play” and interlace brainstorming techniques, costume design, directing, special effects, writing and acting.

Learn to build with Balsa wood. Learn different techniques, tools and glues.

Learn the properties of three different cars by building and testing the models.

A whole day to exercise your brain with short (3-10 minute) creative problems that are Hands-on, Combination and Verbal.

spont combustion

Spontaneous Combustion
A 3-hour workshop offered as a school district competition. Teams of 5 to 7 students from each school try their hand at a variety of verbal and combination problems before breaking into groups for drama and hands-on problems with scoring and a perennial trophy in each problem going to the winning schools. Could also be offered to one school with teams of kids from different classes. Cost is $200 or more depending on the number of teams and supervisors needed.

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