Proudly presented in BC by the Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS)

OdysseyoftheMind25Set practice times. To begin with the team will probably meet once a week but closer to competition times teams might want to meet more often.

Solve the problem. Teams should start by reading the problem a few times before they begin experimenting with solutions. If they don't understand the problem they can submit requests for clarification.

Practice spontaneous. Practice a few problems a meeting or have meetings just for spontaneous. Watch our events page for information on Spontaneous Attack to get feedback from some pros.

Read the program guide. The program guide [ PDF ] contains rules that apply to all the problems - such as what kind of batteries are allowed and what materials are exempt from cost limits. Not following the rules in the problem can lose a team points, not following the rules in the program guide can prevent a team from competing, and no one wants that.

Come to Fun Day. The coaches get coaches' training and the kids get training in skills Omers have found useful solving other problems. Find Fun Day on the events page for more information.