Proudly presented in BC by the Creative Problem Solving Society (CPSS)

Fun Day, November 18, 2017

Fun Day 2017 was full of electrifying success this year, with students creating simple pinball machines and electric games, exploring authentic special effects make-up, learning how strong small pieces of Balsa wood can be and experiencing the magic of the theatre. Thank you to all the volunteers and presenters that help make this day an experience for the students!

AGM and Odyssey BC Kick-Off, October 12, 2017

We've kicked off the 2017/18 season in front of a full house. Port Moody's Kyle Centre, this year's AGM location, was at capacity with just over 80 attendees. Thanks to everyone who showed up and for your continuing support.

Lee Atwater, the treasurer, gave us the inside scoop on the last season's financial report, and Jennifer Martin, Odyssey BC Association Director, reported about events and activities sponsored by CPSS: Beside organizing or attending community events (such as our booth at the Vancouver Community Science Celebration at Science World, Awareness Sessions at a variety of schools and, of course, the annual Fun Day), we were able to expand our annual Jabber-Wacky Camps from four camps in 2016 to five camp locations in the Summer of 2017. On the CPSS agenda are also Spontaneous Attack (a training session for registered Odyssey teams), Judges and Coaches Trainings, and the Spring tournaments which went extremely smooth thanks to Tournament Director, Yuko Suda, and our amazing group of volunteers. Thanks to everyone who helped out during the previous season! We are sad to loose Yuko as a Tournament Director but appreciate her hard work in the past two years. If anyone is interested in the Tournament Director position please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks to the continued support of the BC Government CPSS was once again able to provide financial support to 14 teams and 5 officials who were representing Odyssey BC at the 2017 World Finals at Michigan State University. What a fantastic experience!

The "Volunteer of the Year Award" went to Paul Jackson. Paul has been involved with CPSS for many many years, first as a parent coach, then as a judge and in previous years he has been putting in countless hours behind the scenes as a member of the tournament committee and in the Score Room. Thank you Paul! You really make a difference.

The new board has been elected (see our website for details) and will get together for the first time in early November. We are looking forward to a successful 2017/18 season and hope to see YOU around at one of our many events.


Community Celebration of Science (September 16/17, 2017)
We've started the 2017/18 season at Science World. What a great turnout! Thanks to our volunteers who helped running the activities. It was great to see some of our World Finals team members come out to share their enthusiasm about Odyssey with the crowds. The bridge problem was very popular and so was the balancing 12 nails on 1.  (Do YOU know how this could be done?) The string knot washer problem was something. People asked for the solution but even some of our most experienced "OMers" couldn't help with that.... If you stopped by our booth at Science World and would like to learn more about Odyssey of the Mind please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'd be happy to help you getting started.