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Odyssey World

What is Odyssey World?
Odyssey World is an online (Internet) community that discusses Odyssey of the Mind topics. It currently has a list-server (email group) and website for communication and sharing of resources (coaching tips, fund-raising ideas, information sources, and training links) between list members. Members commonly discuss various topics related to Odyssey of the Mind teams and the management of the teams. Odyssey-World also hosts an annual World Finals pin and t-shirt sale fund-raiser to support scholarships and to help defray the cost of travel of international teams.

What Associations are members of Odyssey-World?
Odyssey-World is a truly International organization with members from throughout the U.S. and International Odyssey of the Mind Associations. Members come from all parts of the Odyssey of the Mind community, including team members, coaches, membership coordinators, judges, regional, state, and national officials and problem captains, and Association Directors. All are welcome.

Who owns and manages Odyssey-World?
The members are the owners of Odyssey-World. No company or organization controls Odyssey-World. A member-nominated Board of Directors manages memberships, administers the community rules, and conducts the World Finals fund-raising activities.


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